Your sleep Therapist

Antistress mattress helps ton you to keep stress and negative energy away from the body during your sleep. Renew your  body and mind during sleep and thus takes sleep to a whole new state, to a sleep therapy.

Thanks to the natural cotton used on the surface that comes into contact with the body, a softer touch is obtained on the mattress surface. During your sleep, natural cotton absorbs body moisture and balances your body temperature, providing a healthy sleep environment. It supports the body from every point and adapts to all movements of the body throughout the night.

Bonnell Spring Units are the most widely used in spring interior for mattresses and sitting groups. Bonnell spring frames that we are using at our production, are put through heat treatment processes to prevent sagging during sleep.

Knit textile, ticking is the final, outer cover of a mattress. It has a soft texture, in addition to good wrinkle resistance and breathability. As an addition, it has a greater extensibility and elasticity that provides you sound sleep while you are resting

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