About Us

Sleepwelt is a brand of Uyku Dünyası which was established in 2006 in Kayseri, Turkey. With its continuous investment since 2006, the company becomes the major supplier of the biggest mattress manufacturer as of today.

As an addition Uyku Dunyasi has its own showrooms and sales points that sell the mattresses under its brand name. Thanks to its integrated production facility, Uyku Dünyası runs its production in a closed area of 12.000 m2 including the main warehouse to meet needs of the dealers, stores and customers worldwide. With our know-how, latest technology and experience in the market, we offer our wide collection to our clients to meet their inquiries as each customer is unique as well as their inquiries. Our vision is to become a very well-known and preferred brand name on a global scale. We are working without any stop to offer the best sleep experience to you to increase your life quality.

Sleepwelt is following and leading the sleep industry closely and as an addition we are attending national and international exhibitions related with the sleep industry to meet our customers.


Who we are?

As today Uyku Dünyası draws attention as a reliable mattress manufacturer worldwide as it offers high quality mattress together with a reasonable price together high service level. We are fully customer-oriented company and our main intention is to add value to your life quality to have a sustainable growth.

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