What is a Roll-Pack Mattress?

A roll-pack mattress refers to the mattress packaging. A roll-pack mattress is compressed, roll-packed during the production and packed to be delivered to their destination.

How a mattress is packed doesn’t harm the mattress or the lifespan is indifferent to non-rolled mattresses. These mattresses often consist of pocket springs, foam, or combination of both same as non-roll mattress. After the roll-pack process, they are packed in boxes or bags depends on our client’s inquiry.

How to set up a Roll-Pack mattress

Here are the steps of your roll-pack mattress to get back to its original size and ready for a restful sleep on it

  • Unpack and roll out your mattress
  • Make it in full size
  • Place your mattress on your bed
  • Your roll-up mattress will start to return its original size slowly
  • Finally, your mattress is ready

It is time to experience a restful sleep on your mattress… Happy Dreams..ZZZZZ

Roll-up mattress can come with a light smell when it is first unpacked. Open the window and keep your sleeping room well ventilated. The smell will disappear as soon as the mattress comes in contact with the air

How long does Roll-Pack mattress take to expand?

The roll-up mattress expands mostly within an hour but depending on its filling and size affects the amount of the time can go up to 8 hours to sleep on it. In some circumstances, the mattress can get its original size within 24 hours.

Benefits of Roll-Up mattresses:

  • Easy Transport

Roll-up mattresses can be loaded to the container/truck easily thus decreases and eases the loading/unloading time. With its covering smaller space, it helps us to load more pieces than the non-rolled mattresses

  • Reduces the Storage Area

As it covers less area, it reduces the required storage area. Thanks to its packaging type, you can increase the efficiency of your storage area through storing more pieces than ever

  • Quick Delivery

Whether the mattresses are being taken from the factory to the store or from the store to home, the delivery will be quicker and improves your service quality

  • Easy Set-Up

Roll-up mattresses are easy mattresses to be set up by yourself. If you buy a roll-up mattress, it will simply fit in your car, or we can load more pieces to the container/truck as they cover much smaller space than the non-roll up mattresses

  • Environmentally Friendly

With its compressed nature, it requires less packaging material rather than non-rolled mattresses. More roll-up mattresses can be loaded to the containers/trucks thus means less fuel is used to carry instead of non-roll mattresses thus helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Rolled mattresses are packaged in our factory and vacuum sealed until your clients open them in their home. This means, your clients get a fresh mattress for a blissful night’s sleep.