For Soft Sleep Over the Clouds

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to sleep on a cloud?

Armoni mattress is one of the way to experience the dreamy feeling of being both soft and supported throughout the night

Foam support layer is highly durable and resilient . The Mini Pack Spring used in the pad on the Armoni Mattress maintains the heat balance that will ensure air circulation between the body and the mattress, and the Mini Pack Spring helps to distribute the body weight on the mattress evenly and helps to relax the blood circulation.

Micro pocket springs used mattresses support your body at every point of contact thereby providing an even more luxurious sleep.The narrow spring diameter allows more springs per m² while the special honeycomb arrangement makes better use of space, both features that distinguish the micro pocket spring from other spring systems.

Bonnell Spring Units are the most widely used in spring interior for mattresses and sitting groups. Bonnell spring frames that we are using at our production, are put through heat treatment processes to prevent sagging during sleep. Bonnell spring mattresses will keep its sizes for a long time thanks to spring fatigue and annealing process

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