• Integrated Production Facility

With its automatic mattress production line, we do all production process inhouse. Each process, each step is under our control. Each mattress is produced with high precision manufacturing methods for our clients

• Customer Oriented Manufacturing

Our client satisfaction is our priority. We combine our production ability and solution-based approach to fit your demands.

• Easy Pack and Transport Solutions

With its integrated production facility, allows us to offer different packaging system for various demands such as roll-up mattress, pressed or regular packaging options. Thanks to our production facility location, we are close to all mattress component manufacturer as well as to ports for any kind of loading.

• Wide Collection Range

We offer a wide mattress collection with countless design, size, component, or customized options for your selection.

• Dedicated to Quality

The perfection of a mattress lies within every one of its components and production technology. Each process and every mattress step in the production is being checked to provide you first class sleep experience

• Innovative Solutions

Each person is unique so is your mattress. We are deeply passionate about providing innovative solutions for sound sleep experiences