A greater sense of Well Being

Majesty has been designed to offer you a restful, restorative and quality sleep.  It allows you to wake refreshed and enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing. 

The Feather Sponge used in the Healthy Cool, All-Day Wellness Mattress is a very soft and flexible special sponge, providing a soft touch to the body in contact. The Straw Spring Wrapped is connected to each other by spiral-shaped wires, eliminating the possibility of collapse in areas where body weight is concentrated.

Bonnell Spring Units are the most widely used in spring interior for mattresses and sitting groups. Bonnell spring frames that we are using at our production, are put through heat treatment processes to prevent sagging during sleep.

Knit textile, ticking is the final, outer cover of a mattress. It has a soft texture, in addition to good wrinkle resistance and breathability. As an addition, it has a greater extensibility and elasticity that provides you sound sleep while you are resting

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