The uninterrupted comfort of Visco

Visco elastic sponge has been developed to balance the pressure on the spine, this technology acts according to body weight and temperature, supports the spine perfectly and makes a great contribution to blood circulation. Packet bag springs in the mattress help to distribute the pressure created by the body evenly on the mattress, ensuring that the spouses are less affected by each other’s movements during sleep.

Bonnell Spring Units are the most widely used in spring interior for mattresses and sitting groups. Bonnell spring frames that we are using at our production, are put through heat treatment processes to prevent sagging during sleep. Bonnell spring mattresses will keep its sizes for a long time thanks to spring fatigue and annealing process

Visco foam mattress helps you to reduce the turning movements on the bed that impair sleep quality and prevent deep sleep. Providing solutions for the problems of healthy people caused by mattress We created a mattress with our Memory Foam which adapts to your unique body size, shape and sleep position